(Casanova Altobello x Baronesa Zova Renewal)

HD-B, phvtl/phpv free
Sweden Mental Test

Our “Alf” is a black male of maximum size with the best anatomical feature. He is a product of the combination of Champion and IPO I Baronesa Zova Reneval (sister of Baron Nike) and Champion Casanova Altobello. He´s blood is also from Prinz vom Nordenstamm, Gamon di Campovalano, Quinn dei Nobili Nati and also well-known Hillo, Diana and Heidy Ryal Bell.

We bought Alf from Belgrad spring time 2001 and by air to Brussel. He lived with another Dobermann in Roosmalen in Dutch and after that when he was ready with all import-test he arrived to our home in Sweden the end of 2001.

He has passed mentaltest, HD B, phtvl/phpv free. He has already many good show results now latest BOB and BIS:5a off.show. malmoe/Lomma. He is a wonderfuly strong dobermann with good motor and a high temperament and he looks wonderfuly – just who a dobermannmale shall look.



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