(Gosty Sawages x Viper Laki Sawages)
25.05.2000 – 01.05.2007

Youth Yugoslavia Champion
Youth club winner BiH
HD-A, phtvl/phpv free

Sweden Mental test

Puma was born 25 of may 2000, which already made nice success on the shows: 5 times Youth class winner in Yugoslavia, Youth club winner BiH Doberman Club Championship 2001 and 1:st prize in Doberman special in Sweden and also in IDC, Milano, excellente in the big Doberman show. She is Youth Yugoslavia Champion.
HD A test in yugoslavia, Mentaltest in Sweden and also in Sweden phtvl/phpv free.

Dobermundes kennel got her in Amsterdam July 2002 and after time in Belgium and Dutch she arrive to Sweden.
We just like her therefore she has excellente blood-lines as
Frankenhorst, Sawages, Wantij, Neerlands Stam and Diaspora. She has had one litter before in Yugoslavia and one litter in Sweden 18 of dec 2002. 7+6 and we keept 4+3.
Puma – swedish woman and belongs to the Swedish Kennel club nov-03. She start very well as a swedish lady – She just took B.O:B. officiell Show in Åstorp 15 of nov-03 and now latest B.O.S. officiell show malmoe/Lomma 8 of May-04.
BOB+CACIB officiell championshow Sofiero 2004.
BOB-BIS 1st officiell show Malmoe-Lomma 7 of May 2005.
BOS- CAC SHOW Hässleholm 21 May 2005.


Gosty Sawages Gamon Di Campovalano Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam
Mali di Campovalano
Heidy Royal Bell Hargos v.h. Wantij
Karmel Kesia v. Diaspora
Viper Laki Sawages Graf Guido V. Franckenhorst Hertog Alpha v. Le Dobry
Vivre Vivien v. Franckenhorst
Heidy Royal Bell Hargos v.h. Wantij
Karmel Kesia v. Diaspora

“O”-litter kennel Sawages

d/b 17.10.2001

father: Come As You Are Cyanide

“O”-litter kennel Dobermundes

d/b 18.12.2002

father: Neron Devil Garden
4 males & 3 females

Melvas Puma Sawages